Fireworks Extravaganza

July 4th Fireworks in Seward, Nebraska

Fireworks Extravaganza

The giant fireworks salute starts at 10:00 p.m. at Seward’s Plum Creek Park. Please to bring a blanket & chair and walk into the park. No private fireworks are allowed in the park. Fireworks are set to music. Tune in to York’s Max Country 104.9 FM/1370 KAWL AM!


Hughes Brothers, INC, Jones Bank, Cattle Bank and Trust and Concordia University Step Up Sponsor 2019 Fireworks Display

This year, the Major Fireworks Display Co-Sponsors of the Seward Fourth of July Celebration’s Grand Fireworks Display are Hughes Brother’s, INC, The Jones Bank, The Cattle Bank and Trust and Concordia University-Nebraska.  These major Seward business leaders volunteered to assist with the funding of our annual fireworks display costs to assist in keeping Seward’s Fourth of July Celebration and the “Fourth of July City” strong!

“It can be difficult to ask someone to donate to something that goes up in smoke and donate to fireworks displays, as it takes about $1000 a minute to cover our costs,” said Pastor Curt Coddingham, local, longtime volunteer Fireworks Display coordinator.  “We have recently enjoyed the financial help for our annual display the last few years-as “CCS Group, LLC Custom Concrete Specialists of Seward” and Hughes Brothers, INC. took on the sponsorship by themselves. That was really a very special investment to our festival by those businesses and we so appreciated their support in the past but we agreed we could not continue to ask them to sponsor the major bill alone, year after year!”

“It was like a Fourth of July festival organizer’s dream come true-as four local, industries, businesses and institutions stepped up and volunteered to co-sponsor our annual Seward Grand Fireworks Display for 2019.” commented Clark Kolterman-longtime festival chair.   “We were to the printing of our poster and really did not have a plan as to the total funding of our celebration’s fireworks and were down to the wire, as far as sponsorships are concerned.”

As a result the official 2019 Major Seward Fireworks Display Sponsors are Hughes Brother’s, INC, The Jones Bank, The Cattle Bank and Trust and Concordia University-Nebraska.  These business groups were announced, recognized and thanked at the annual Seward Fourth of July Kick-Off Celebration on June 6, 2019 at the Civic Center-presented special July 4 trophies of appreciation.  They were honored again and introduced and thanked at the Seward Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday, June 26- presenting each sponsor with a framed certificate of appreciation. Their logo and name was placed on the poster and the July 4 brochure’s cover and the sponsors also will be recognized on the July 4 website and thanked with a banner in the parade and at the park prior to the Fireworks Display.

“Community volunteer leaders approached the committee with a plan to split the sponsorships and even volunteered to contact local entities concerning the four sponsorships for our festival!” stated Coddingham.  “These volunteers did a great job and we have our four sponsors for this year’s fireworks display! We are grateful to these four major sponsors and of course to the local volunteers, who put it all together and brought this sponsorship plan for our Fireworks display to us!”

“Of course, the four sponsors have a longtime history of supporting our annual Fourth of July celebration-and this commitment, was above and beyond all of the other activities these groups fund for our Fourth!” commented Kolterman.  “These are all outstanding friends to the Seward Community and continue to reinvest in our town, time and again!”

“I personally appreciate this level of support, as it allows Seward to step up and give the community a fireworks display we can be proud to claim as one of the best in the state.  Our festival fireworks display is a “real deal”-as the committee/group that presents the display is an all-volunteer group and our only investment is in the product!” Stated Pastor Coddingham.  “We are very grateful to these four businesses, as it allows Seward to buy enough fireworks to make the evening memorable!”

“This year’s display will even be set to music” and we invite the observers to dial into York’s MAX 104 at 10:00 pm and the music of the station will coincide with our display!” Coddingham continued.  “it is a crazy enough year, with higher prices due to tariffs and such-and to not have to worry about sponsorships was and is a real relief!”

“All I know is I know our community of Seward is really blessed with many outstanding and strong civic minded businesses and these four businesses-Jones Bank, Cattle Bank and Trust, Hughes Brothers, INC and Concordia University-Nebraska continue to lead as wonderful examples of that very strong civic mindedness in Seward.  All we can really say is Thank You Very Much!” finished Kolterman! “Our committee has said thank you, but we do want to remind others in the community say thank you when you see, support and interact with these business that are the Seward Fireworks Display sponsors-be sure and thank them too!”


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